I am shooting a number of interiors exteriors for a local hotel. We need a woman to be in some of the photos – drinking a cocktail by the pool, a massage in the spa, being pampered in the hairdresser etc.
Probably 4 or 5 photos only, but you would need to be available for most of the day – probably mid-morning until sunset.

The shoot will be on the 11th of Feb in Bantry Bay, so I’ll be choosing based on photos alone, please include a link to see your portfolio. Not much experience needed as the photos are simple and you will generally be more in the background than the central focus of the photos.

I am looking for someone who can convey a sense of the luxuriousness of the experience at the hotel – a very basic brief would be: fit, healthy, graceful, someone who is accustomed to being pampered.

The client doesn’t have a budget to pay, but is willing to trade for a few nights stay at the hotel. We’ll have to pass on your portfolio to them and then we can negotiate the number of nights.
Should time allow, I can try and take a shot or two of you which is more close-up and you could add to your portfolio as well.


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