We are in the final stages of post production of our first major film ‘HOUND’ set in Hounslow, London. A real gritty action based drama about an alcoholic who loses his dog and seeks revenge.
We are now looking for a sound mixer to help finish off our film and make it truly spectacular, We have already gained a lot of attention with the film as well as quite a few directors and Hollywood actors who have watched the trailer and read the story, many of whom can’t wait to see it!

HOUND is set for release in June with a large premiere and afterwards distribution and entry into film festivals such as Cannes, Miami film festival, Raindance, London film festival, Portobello etc.

What we are looking for is someone who can mix all the sound for the movie and give it the Hollywood spectacle it deserves, Also someone who is competent at sound design for foley/ ADR would be a great added bonus!

If successful you will receive an IMDb credit, film credit under the sound department and a DVD of the movie. You will also be invited to the premiere of the film.

Google search: #HOUNDMovie

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