Title: Music / Score & Sound Mix Required for 25min Thriller: Timeless

Timeless is a 25min supernatural thriller about one mans obsessive quest to track down and save a young girl who cannot die.

I’m looking for one or two people to compose the score, and/or do the sound mix.

It’s a serious film with some brilliant acting that has been beautifully shot and edited. The picture is locked down, with some visual efx still to come, but the movie is totally ready to sound mix and compose a score for. There are some wonderful story telling opportunities, character and story arcs to work with in this story.

If you’d like to know more I can arrange for you to watch the edit as it stands with no score. I have some temp tracks and effects in there for reference.

Timeless is more about mood and tone than it is about music. There’s a lot of emotion going on at different levels right throughout the film, and the score needs to reflect these beats.



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