Undiscovered is a three part webseries that explores various art forms.
We intend to expose undiscovered talent that deserves to be acknowledged.

The musical component is studio based and involves an interview with a host to try and get some background information on the artists themselves. If you decide to join us we’ll be able to produce high quality content that you will be able to use for your showreel etc.

We need musical acts (bands/duos) that are available on the 21st or the 28th of April.
We are students based in Werrington, you need to be able to travel to our campus.

If you know any popular music or can compile your own medleys, renditions of theatrical/musical songs you’re perfect for us!
If you have your own original music, you’re perfect also!

Musical Act

If you are in a duo/band we need you! Please apply and we can get you the exposure you deserve.

These episodes revolve around popular music and culture, and musical theatre – if you are interested in any of these and are musically talented let us know!

Or if you need exposure give us a message and we’ll fit you in!

Any gender, aged 18 to 28 from New South Wales, Australia

Apply now


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