Musicians wanted for project

Guitarist/Writer seeks musicians for progressive/semi instrumental/improvisational project

I am moving into London on the 21st October and am looking for fellow musicians to get something happening. I am very interested in improvisational, experimental and instrumental music. I do like a well crafted song and am seeking to put together something that marries all elements of the above, plenty songs for the general listener however enough improvisational elements to keep things interesting and spontaneous. I am very frustrated and tired of seeing/hearing many bands playing it safe, everything is ‘product’ (safe, reliable and friendly) vs ‘process’ (risk, creativity, ingenuity and so forth).

I am looking for a drummer, bassist, instrumentalist vocalist (preferably not guitar) and keys. However, that being said I would be interested in working with someone who plays woodwind/strings too if they are able to do something else (so they don’t get bored!)

Influences: King Crimson, Mahavishnu, squarepusher, caribou, LCD soundsystem, Holden, Todd Terje, Peter Gabriel, Zappa, James brown, cinematic orchestra.

All of these bands do something different, the mixture of songs and musical exploration is the key.

It would be useful if you have had some degree of formal training or at least an awareness of multiple styles & theory, a good ear is key for improvising, reading doesn’t matter so much (I have dyslexia so I tend not to rely so much on dishing out charts so why should you!) obviously there would be themes, melodies/heads and such, I am not advocating a structureless freakout, although that too would be welcome at times!

Obviously unpaid in the initial stage.


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