Excited to start 2017 off with a brand new piece of choreography with a free performance? Join us for NACHMOx!

What is NACHMOx?

NACHMOx is a condensed version of National Choreography Month. NACHMOx continues the spirit of creation where pieces are created and shared in the spirit of all things fun, fresh, and fair!

The rules are simple: You can submit as a company, as a choreographer, or as a dancer. Choreographers and dancers will be paired together. Each NACHMOx will focus on a different interdisciplinary theme as a jumping off point. You'll have one week to create a brand new dance piece to be performed at The Tank

What does it cost?

NACHMOx at The Tank is completely free for participants! We may even be able to provide a few hours of free rehearsal time as well.

In January, can I participate in NACHMOx and NACHMO?

Yes. NACHMOx dances can be automatically entered into NACHMO s studio show lottery. NACHMOx is free to participate in while NACHMO studio shows and theater performances have a small fee.

What's the timeline for this round of NACHMOx?

Deadline to apply: January 1st

Meeting with all participants: January 4th

Performance at The Tank: January 12th

I have tons of questions, who should I email for answers?

We love questions. Send them all to NACHMOX@thetanknyc.org

How do I sign up?

To apply, simply click here!


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