Are you a female singer/musician (can play some guitar, bass or keyboard) 20 – 30 smtg who is passionate about performing and wants to help change things worldwide step-by-step with her intelligent loving and real spirit?

As in REAL and not “faked” for the public! (we can significantly improve your musical skills but you alone are responsible for your spirit)

Ready to leave the old ways, people and things which are holding you and the world back?

Wanna create great music in a great context on a grand scale?

Send us vocal sample/links, recent photos (also of you performing standing on stage if you have) plus short Bio

female singer/musician

must play or be willing to learn simple electric bass and/or keyboard (backing while singing)

must be happy, loving and enlightened with NO present “attachments” of ANY sort! (as in job, school, bf, husband, children, pet, etc.)

Females, aged 21 to 37 from any country

  • Minimum Vocal ability:
  • Vocal range:
  • Singing styles:

Apply now


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