Title: Need Only Brave Souls Apply: Principal & Support Actors: Indie Horror

As reflected in the title(or not…), we are in the early stages of pre-production for an Aussie Indie Horror flick to be produced in rural Victoria(between Geelong & Ballarat) towards the middle part of 2017(or possibly a little earlier).

Who we are?

At this stage it’s just the two of us, both of whom are looking at making a third edition to the LipkinFilms feature library. Having successfully produced two independent features, one as a successful entrant into a well-known French film festival and the other with international distribution in the US and Japan.

The project:

WEEVIL will be an 85min feature film, within the horror/thriller genre. It is intended for distribution in the US, Europe and Japan; initially via SVoD and then who knows?


WEEVIL submerges its audiences beneath a very thin veil that separates what’s out there from what goes bump in the night to reveal a very dark-side on the possibility that if we are not alone, it’s not necessarily a good thing. As a blend between Southern Gothic encapsulating a very Australian backdrop to the confronting schizophrenia of the FIRE IN THE SKY feel of the early nineties, WEEVIL sets out to bring together a group of misguided and frustrated characters into a cat-and-mouse ordeal where the very thing that has been at the heart of everyone’s discontent is more than just an unexplained event.

What we are looking for:

At LipkinFilms we quite frequently take the path less travelled and approach each project quite differently to many established outfits. Our key tenants are passion, authenticity, teamwork and most importantly a die-hard attitude. Each project and the characters annotated within the script are dependent on what you bring to them.

We are looking at this stage for three principal actors (2 male, 1 female) with further casting later in the year. This is ideal for those who are not afraid of the hard-work, are satisfied with a deferred salary arrangement (noting general expenses will be covered) and most importantly are seeking to highlight yourself and be part of a journey.


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