Netflix’s new movie Come Sunday needs actors, models, and talent in Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.. Producers are looking for men and women to play protesters in the streets.  They also need people to play inmates in a very important jail scene.  Most of the filming is in Atlanta.


Come Sunday is about Carlton Pearson, a renowned evangelical minister in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He stirs up plenty of controversy with his revelation that there is no afterlife. When he loses everything, he must rebuild his church for the good of his family and find his own path. Marcus Hinchey (All Good Things) wrote the screenplay.


Where: Southern States

When: January 17th 2017

Role: Extras

Specifics: Protesters and people for a jail scene.

This is a great opportunity to appear on a Netflix Original movie.  Netflix is known for producing premier content including TV shows, movies, and documentaries.  Beasts of No Nation released on Netflix exclusively in 2015 and generated millions of dollars in profit.  Idris Elba was the main star in the movie.  Apply now for your chance to act for a premier company known all around the world.  This opportunity will not last long, so act soon.

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