One of Netflix’s biggest new shows is casting for its second season.  Marvel’s Luke Cage is an American TV show created by Netflix based on the Marvel Comics.  The casting team is looking specifically for two featured characters that will be regulars in the series.  They also need extras to fill background spots during the 10 episodes that will premiere sometime in 2017.


Filming for this series takes place in New York City, mainly in Harlem where the series itself is set.  The director of the show wanted to capture the exact feel of the comics, so naturally filming in Harlem where Luke Cage is from made perfect sense.  Season 1 was very popular with viewers and critics.  In fact, the series received a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes with over 50 reviews.  Critics praised the main character’s ability to capture the essence of the comics.  Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage, a former convict with superhuman strength from the original Marvel comics.


Where: New York (Harlem specifically)

When: May 2017

While the exact dates and extra descriptions have yet to be released, the auditions are supposed to begin in May with filming to take place this summer.  However, the casting team has released the descriptions for two main roles:

Byron: They are looking for an actor that is 30 – 45 years old, 6’0 or taller, and Jamaican.  This character is from the comics, and he is the smartest man any room and extremely powerful in any situation. He is a natural leader, brimming with focused on justice despite his controversial past. The actor for this role should be physically fit yet sophisticated and intelligent.

Tamara: They need an actor in her 20’s – early 30’s, African American, female, and natural-looking. She is a confident business owner who prides herself on her independence.

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a huge Netflix series.  Not only is this show casting for extras, but you have a chance to be one of the main featured actors!  Regardless, if you work on this set you will meet plenty of industry professionals that can help find you new opportunities in the future.  If you make an impact on one person they may just have the right connections to help push your acting career to amazing heights!

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