ABC and the Producers of The Voice, The Bachelor and Survivor are now giving people a chance to find those who have impacted their lives on a new television show, “The Gift”.

We are looking for people that want to thank someone or apologize to someone with whom they have lost contact.

Are you alive because a hero saved you?
Are you looking to acknowledge someone’s kindness and want a way to say thank you?
Have you wronged someone and regret it?
Are you ready to confront your past and apologize?

This is your chance to find those people you’ve never been able to forget.


– Name
– City, State
– Phone
– Email
– Recent Photo
– Tell us the story

** Must be 18 or older to apply **


It’s very positive uplifting show and we are looking for those who have lost touch with someone who has greatly impacted their life and they would like to be reconnected with that person to either say “Thank you,” or “Sorry,” to recognize said impact. TRUE STORIES ONLY.

Any gender, aged 18 to 65 from United States

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