adam-sandler-movie-images Casting directors need background talent to play various roles in an upcoming Adam Sandler film.  Sandler has been involved in the movie industry since 1989.  Since then, he has acted in over 40 movies along with producing.  He started Happy Madison Productions in 1999 with Rob Schieder as a production company for many of Sandler’s films.  Many of Sandler’s movies perform poorly with critics, but they always do well in the box office.  Netflix recently announced a four movie deal with Sandler and Happy Madison Productions.


The latest Sandler movie will star him as a talent manager representing a group of eccentric clients struggling to find work.  He is very dedicated to his job until he falls in love with one of his clients; a singer by the name of Courtney.  The film is sure to be a hit on Netflix.  Sandler consistently delivers slap-stick comedy for the viewers to enjoy.


Casting directors are seeking people that know what it is like to be a golfer. You must have golfing attire and show golf etiquette while on the course.  You will be a background extra, but your job is very important to making the scene feel realistic.

Tennis Players

Casting directors are looking for people that have played tennis in the past or are familiar with the etiquette of tennis.  You should be comfortable wearing a tennis skirt if you are a female, and tight form fitting clothes if you are a male.


This is a great opportunity to be an actor in a high budget film with a famous cast and producers.  Not only will you be paid for your role in the film, you will meet industry professionals that will open new doors for you and land you new gigs in the future.  Maybe you will be funny enough to be cast in another Sandler role in the future!

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