Producers are looking for experienced stunt actors ages 25 and older to audition for a role in an upcoming feature film starring Bruce Willis.  The film is called Wake, and it will be filmed throughout Northeast Ohio. Shooting is expected to begin Feb. 16 and continue until April 17.


The movie follows action-star Bruce Willis as he returns to his childhood home located on a remote island.  When the island that he knows and loves is attacked, he must save his family that banished him from his home years ago.  It is expected to be another Bruce Willis action movie filled with tons of emotion and intensity.  It is directed by Eli Roth.

Bruce Willis is an icon in the film industry and he has been for many years.  Willis’ career started in 1980 with the movie, The First Deadly Sin, but he didn’t become noticed until the infamous, Die Hard in 1988.  Since then, he has been apart of dozens of movies and has become the face of the Die Hard franchise.


Short Haired Woman: Age 35-50 years old / Federal Agent from Treasury Department. Preferred blonde / good physical condition.

Sheriff: 60 – 70 years old male. Able to react during physical confrontation. Stunts required. Race open.

Female Between 20’s – 30’s. Looks like a young Emma Stone. Unique working class / rough around the edges / good condition & able to react to being shot.

Mercenary – middle aged – short & compact – stunts required. Race open.

Mercenary – Youthful looking 20’s -30’s. Able to fight with knives. Race open.

Mercenary – Gigantic Beast of a man / race open / mid 30’s / stunts required.

Uncle Angelo: Caucasian male. Age 50-60 years old. Bruce’s contemporary.

This is a great opportunity to be in a feature film starring Bruce Willis.  If you have always dreamed of being a stuntman, this is the perfect place to start.  You will meet industry professionals that know what it takes to be successful in this industry.  You will also meet Bruce Willis and can learn his tricks on how to be the best stuntman possible!

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