Title: New Video / Still Portfolio Service Available, and We Need Samples

We are seeking a model to be a part of our web site for advertising purposes for our new service. In return you will receive a full edited copy valued at up to $500.
We are calling this our “FREEZE FRAME” service. Your job as a model / performer is to present yourself creatively, show a unique style about who you are and what you can do. My job is to capture this on video and stills and make this into an astounding and extremely unique portfolio. Record you on video during poses and performances with still frame images matching your movement. Showing that amongst all your talent, you also have personality, creativity and a passion for your art. With the video and still frames we will edit the video and incorporate the still shots into the video and “freeze frame” at the right time and incorporate your still image with audio. With an array of different outfits and locations all here at one location we can create this video for you in one shoot. What you need to bring to your Freeze frame session, As many outfits as you want for various scenic themes and bring make up and hair accessories. These themes include black / white backdrop, park bench, swing chair, pool table, spa, garden, work bench and more.

• Up to ten separate themes available in one location
• Be as unique as you want to be
• Show there is personality behind the image
• Bring any outfits you want
• Save money and do your own make up or use a HMUA
• Available day or night – 7 days per week
• Includes all video and still editing
• Choose your own music tracks
• Very unique service

We invite you to check all images during and after the shoot to ensure you are happy with the outcome. Bring you favourite music track to use on the video or request one. Final edit will be available for download via dropbox or posted to nominated address. We look forward to working with you very soon.


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