This is a student short film shot in London. Our film centres on Grace and her husband Daniel, who are retired criminals. The pair of them, along with their good friend Max used to rob banks all across the country, and always got away with it. Together they made millions. Retiring at the age of 45, Grace finds herself board and lonely, as they find themselves living a very dull and generic life together. She begins to reminisce about the past, and realises her marriage is failing, and that she has feelings for her other partner in crime, Max, Daniel’s best friend. Max has been in love with Grace his whole life, and also misses the life of crime. Unlike his friend Daniel, who is very comfortable with his lifestyle. Grace and Max begin to resolve their unhappy lifestyle by having an affair…without Daniel knowing a thing.

Actors will be working with talented, and up and coming film makers to create an artistic, thought-provoking film about a dysfunctional marriage. We are Arts Educational School students and we are therefore taking this film very seriously and hope that you consider this before opting to come on board. Our aim is to also submit our final film into many film festivals throughout the country.

We are looking for the role of Daniel. We are filming this Thursday the 7th, 8th and 9th of April, please contact us.

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