Title: One Actor Required For an Advert

The advert is for one of my modules at university, for my second year, to advertise a piece of wearable technology. I have chosen a watch that measures the level of hydration.
The advert will require one female actor.
The advert starts off showing a woman going for her normal run as the montage continues the camera movements will become more disorientating, demonstrating the effects of dehydration. When this happens seemingly out of nowhere the woman will be drenched with water. At this point a voice over will say something similar to “don’t let dehydration catch you off guard with our new hydrate me bracelet” it will then cut back to a close up of the watch vibrating alerting the woman to take a drink, which she does and then continuing her run.
Filming will take place in Greenwich park, London on the 30th of March.
Costuming will be normal running gear with trainers.

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