I’m going to shoot a psychedelic music video. It will take 2 full days. The first day of shooting will be approximately on the 2nd or 3rd of March. The location is Muriwai beach. The second day is going to be on Rangitoto island on the 4th of March. Unfortunately this job is not paid, because I’m just a student, but transportation will be arranged. Also I’ll try to provide food and drinks.
An actress must be available on these days, because the dates may change. I need cloudy weather, it provides soft and mild light. Everything will depend on the weather conditions, so we need to keep in touch all the time in case there are any changes. I’m looking for a responsible person with serious attitude whose cell phone is always on)).
Rangitoto island and Muriwai beach are pretty wild locations, so an actress has to be strong enough and well prepared to spend almost the whole day outside. I’ll try to make it faster and easier as much as possible.
Once I find a suitable candidate we’ll have to arrange an audition during which I’ll explain everything in details. The most important thing is that my music video’s genre is psychedelic symbolism that requires some weird movements and actions, so an actress should be psychologically prepared and broaden minded to accept it easily without judgement. Anyway It might be an interesting experience.


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