The Fortnightly show is a comedic political show that discusses issues set in the year 2030. It includes coverage on things like Irish water. The show features a presenter discussing things satiricaly on issues that are silly- including middle east peace, Alaska becoming a sunny vacation spot and Conor McGregor becoming second run for Irish president. One segment features a drama reconstruction of a scene of members of a radical group called the IRWA stealing bottles of water from a warehouse into a car or truck. This reconstruction is treated as breaking news as if were recorded live on the scene by a reporter. We need a female reporter to be reporter live on this scene for the news piece. It is a funny, extensive and elaborate topic project that covers personal and political issues to a comedic parody level and guaranteed to be a lot of fun. If interested please leave mobile number, email and other relevant information in application and we can meet up to discuss suitability for role.


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