Headshots and resume are needed to apply

Boiling Point


Short film
No pay

Abby is a server for a restaurant bar and is having a slow day. There is one customer, Aiden who begins flirting with her and she does not resist. They end up getting intimate in the kitchen area, but immediately stop when Abby notices a new security camera installed. Abby attempts to delete the footage, so that her boyfriend, Drew (the owner of the restaurant) does not see the evidence. She stumbles upon other recorded files and finds out that Drew has been cheating on her too.

Before she can react, Drew barges through the restaurant to apologize for forgetting about his and Abby’s anniversary and also scheduling her to work.

Abby and Drew begin arguing. Aiden emerges from hiding and Drew puts the pieces together. Abby and Drew become so heated that they get turned on and begin embracing. Aiden slowly leaves the scene.

For Drew (Male, Age 25-35)
Drew is short tempered and entitled. He is successful and knows it. At times he focuses too much on himself and his job that he forgets to put effort towards his relationship. He always puts his own needs first. He owns the restaurant and has recently installed a security camera because of his rising suspicion of Abby.

Thursday morning, February 18
Downtown Toronto location TBA.


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