Title: One Sony A7S Operator Required for Book Trailer

I’m looking for a Sony a7s operator to help film this book trailer.

The book is written by Shawnta Pulliman, a successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur born in Pensylvania, USA.

Firstly, a little bit about me. My name is Kaya Sezer and i’m the director of my company innov8video. We are a videography company that provides commercial content for big brands and media companies.

We work as a sister company to Crimson River Productions.
Crimson River Productions are solely a book trailer company providing high end cinematic book trailers to self publishing authors and publishing companies around the world.

Please read the book synopsis here. This will give you a better understanding of the book:

What if wrapped beneath your deepest struggles were the makings of your biggest triumphs?

What if you truly looked at your life—the good, the bad, the ugly—and determined that the purpose of every experience wasn’t merely survival, but something far more valuable?

What if your hardships produced a greatness within you that would have gone undiscovered had you not suffered and paid a price that cost you deeply?

Growing up in a neighborhood where crack cocaine and prostitution coexisted alongside a gospel-preaching old woman named Sister Lou, Shawntá Pulliam saw the futility of life around her in the “hood” yet knew deep inside she was born for something more—something great even.

“Who is this Man my grandmother clings to at night as she bends her knees and closes her eyes?” she wondered as a child, repeating the prayers her grandmother taught her. Still, with a drug-addicted mother and a father behind bars, the pull of the streets and deep emotional wounding took their toll, and she easily fell in with a crowd hurtling headlong in the wrong direction.

A nervous breakdown that led to her breakthrough revived Shawntá’s faith and stirred up the gifts He had planted in her long ago. Propelled by that faith, she watched as God opened door after door for her to walk through. Following her heart-cry, she eventually founded an organisation called Nurturing Hearts for at-risk girls ages ten to eighteen.

Please let me know you’re availability for your services. The trailer is for a non profit organisation so the margins we are working with are very tight. We are looking for people that are wanting to be involved in this project for experience rather than the money. We can cover your expenses for the day. We will also provide food and refreshments.

We would need you for 6 hours of filming. We’ll looking to shoot on Sunday October 2nd in Central London, near St Pancras.

This author has an amazing story and I for one am looking forward to producing something great for her. I’m looking for like minded people that want to be a part of bringing this to life before the date of her book launch. This book trailer will be seen across book publishing companies in the UK and the USA.

Look forward to hearing from you


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