You want to know about Rorschach?
We’ll tell you about Rorschach?

The Journals of Rorschach are Non-Profit FanFiction created diaries for the years 1971-1973.
We will produce the First Episode of The Journals of Rorschach bringing Rorschach back in full Revenge Fuelled Cinematic Glory.
We will produce two more Episodes and ultimately a Feature Film depending on what Stretch Goals we achieve.

THE JOURNALS OF RORSCHACH is currently on Kickstarter for £5000 but reaching for £10,000 via our stretch goals.

We are looking for actors and actresses to get involved early on in the production of this film.
The Kickstarter campaign will be up for a month and after that time will be when we commence filming.

So spread the campaign far and wide because the more backers we get, the more we will have the budget to pay you for your talent and time.

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