Company: The Field
Location: NY, NY

Do you want more than “good job!” in response to your work? 

Open Trial Day is a multi-disciplinary workshop where you can get clear and compassionate feedback on your work-in-progress.

This one day workshop is a chance for you to see how the Fieldwork feedback method works and learn what your audience saw, felt, and heard in response to your work. Come prepared to engage, listen and show up to eight minutes of bare-bones work!

Facilitated by: choreographer and dance dramaturg Pele Bauch
Thursday, February 23rd 6:30-9pm
Theater Lab
357 W 36th Street New York, NY 10018

Walk-ins are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please note that priority will be given to those who have RSVPed.

The Field
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 906
NY, NY, 10038


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