Conceived as a high-concept contained thriller, Zombie Slumber Party is an homage to 80s slashers like Sorority House Massacre, Hell Night and Slumber Party Massacre, as well as supernatural slashers like Evil Dead and Night of the Demons.

When a group of high school girls plan one last summer party, they decide to spend the night in an abandoned farmhouse, only to learn that they’ve accidentally raised the victims of a crazy cult killer from the dead, and must now find a way to send the Zombies back to hell or be responsible for starting a Zombie Apocalypse.

Planning to shoot in mid-2016.


We’re looking for someone who’s really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Or who just thinks he is. If we could go back in time to 1998 and kidnap James Marsden for the role, we’d do it. Sadly, this technology is not in our grasp.

Doyle is one of the girls’ jock boyfriend-of-the-moment. Not the hero-type, though. Not Chris Hemsworth in Cabin in the Woods. More like Peter Facinelli from Can’t Hardly Wait.

Males, aged 18 to 22 from Victoria, Australia

  • Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience – Extra
  • Languages:

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