ATT: All talent who have lots of availability during April 7th – 20th (with potential to extend a few days), can speak fluent English & are extremely outgoing, energetic and work well with large crowds…especially with kids!

We have an exciting event coming up which involves long hours & various fun activities.

We are currently looking for upbeat event staff who are available for most of the dates and staff that we can rely on as we can have staff cancel last minute or change their schedule during the event.

Staff must also be able to do the following:
– Stand on their feet an entire day
– Keep up with the busy atmosphere (we generally have a few thousand people walk through the doors each day)
– Able to create conversations with the public
– Be bubbly and smiling while on the floor
– Be able to take charge of one area/activity an entire day without getting bored or winging you want to move – a job is a job some part will be fun some will not.
– Not cancel on shifts last minute
– Be available for the entire period for the event – you will work on as many shifts possible… could be the entire time with maybe one or two days break however when you have a day off please dont book yourself for other jobs as you will be exhausted and need the break (trust me!) we may also need you on as back up.

Dates: April 7th – 20th (potential to extend around 4 or so more days) (school holiday period)
Times: looking at 5-10 hour shifts (varied each day) – time will be confirmed closer to day. Please have yourself available from morning to evening.
Location: Perth – Elizabeth Quay area.
Working with Children Check (WWC): everyone MUST have this! should you not have one then please apply for one once selected on LINK AVAILABLE UPON APPLICATION it shoudlnt cost much and you will cover the cost during your first shift on this job.

When applying please explain your availability & a full description of related experience & if you have a WWC check. – I WILL NOT ACCEPT COPY AND PASTED APPLICATIONS. must be related to this job application.


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