1. 40 y/o Mum in kitchen looking at camera
2. 30 y/o woman looking at camera with beach behind her
3. 25 y/o woman – standing in front of the café that she works at
4. 35 – 40 y/o woman – looking directly to camera, she’s sitting in her backyard. She gives us a little smile
5. 30 or 40 y/o woman – woman getting out of the shower – you will only see her silhouette in the foggy mirror
6. 40 – 5- y/o woman – nurse getting out of her car at a patient’s house. The nurse makes her way to the front door.
7. 30 or 40 y/o woman – patient answers the door and smiles warmly at the nurse

Shooting Location: Melbourne
Call time: 4 hours
Media: Online, YouTube & Social media
Release period: 12 months
Territory: National

Fee: $400 per model, implied nudity role $750

Please indicate which role you see yourself as.


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