Title: Participants Needed for Relationship Education Pilot

We are looking for participants for a partner/marriage relationship education pilot. Casting requirements are as follows: Male & female partners about to get married or recently married who would like to set themselves up and equip themselves to journey through marriage or their relationship with tried and tested TOOLS the show itself will be dealing with REAL answers for couples earnestly wanting to improve on their relationship.
Although the show is informative and equips couples further it has a light hearted manner – The show itself has a scripted structure. Age preferably 22-30, confident & honest in-front of the camera and comfortable working with other cast members.
Easy going. great smile, attractively presented. No actors permitted,
The show is based around a relationship book which has sold over 5 million copies, it also has an extremely popular current web presence
The show will be pitched to the major networks in the hope of being picked up.
Please send a link with a head shot and your contact details.

big thanks Kel from Pixello



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