14-19 year olds, preferably Irish with strong Dublin accent. Must be able to travel in and out of Co.Kildare at least once a week.

15 – Male/Female Strong Accent

17 – Male/ Female ‘Typical Irish’


This is a low budget show and will only be showed on our YouTube channel, we will be looking at getting a slot on tv at some stage.

Must have ‘Geordie’ look and not be afraid to try new things. Actors must be dedicated and dependable. Please have patience with us as we are just as new to this as you are. It will be a scripted soap like show and a new episode will be uploading every week to YouTube.

Auditions will be held around the 18th – 20th Feb no exact date has been set yet.

Most applicants will be accepted, on acceptance you will be email the script for our pilot, a date for your face to face audition and give you an address for auditions.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Thank you

Fee details: €10 to cover the cost of costumes etc..


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