Do you identify as Asexual?

Have you dated someone who considers themselves on the Asexual spectrum?
If so, we’d love to hear from you!

My team are currently in the process of making a documentary surrounding the concept of Asexuality – including demisexuals, aromantics, demiromantics, etc. I am after people who would like to share their experiences with us! If you’re not comfortable being on camera, that’s okay – we can keep it anonymous and have an actor tell your story for you!

This goes for anyone who’s ever been in a relationship or dated someone on the asexual spectrum – don’t worry, names can be left out (unless you’d like to be credited of course).

Or maybe you just want to talk about what you think asexuality is?

The purpose of this documentary is to highlight asexuality to the general public. It’s one of those sexualities that is the least talked about, and we want it to be more well known so that people who struggle to find an identity can access information more freely and feel less alone. We are in talks of getting it shown at festivals as well as played at a local cinema.

This, unfortunately, isn’t a paid venture, but any profit (should we make any) would go towards LGBT+ awareness.

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