Sensory Dimensional Gulf is a long term art house mixed media project, a blend of folklore, social commentary and biology that adheres to Erik Eriksons theory of pyschosocial development. Each new stage is a totally different piece from those before and after. The project aims to delve into the darkest areas of what it is to be working class in Britain. Largely a website based project, each piece within a stage will be exhibited, screened, shared, festival led.

Each phase will continue to grow until the entire project is finished.

Multiple roles. Rather than cast performers for pre designed characters I am simple seeing which performers show the most interest, have the desire to put their minds and bodies into the performance. Having been let down multiple times by past performers I am casting as wide a net as I can. Those closest will obviously be further up the order but ultimately I will work with whoever and wherever if they show desire.

No age ranges. No desired genders. No previous abilities or disciplines required.

All roles are unpaid, though any expenses are paid for, and food etc will be provided of course.

Time wise, there are no set dates. This project is being approached organically as it will take me approximately 6 years to finish. To put simply, a performer comes forward with the right desire, we talk, things are arranged, and we shoot. I like my performers to take control, to improvise, to show me something I hadn’t thought of.

A little about me, so you know where I am coming from. I was a filmmaker, award winning, then turned to video art as the film world bored and infuriated me. Since then I have had work exhibited across many countries, and subsequently currently work with an international arts collective known as Arts Secession Cabal, a group of dissident artists who create not for profit, use intelligence and care and have a desire to not see an uprising of the right wing.

I am also a painter, which will also take up considerable space in this project.

I want to create something more than a 1 off piece. A hive of work. Influenced by many, work on by many. All the work done for SDG will appear on the website, a form of family tree than branches out.

I am an artist, not a filmmaker. Expect no scripts, no storyboards, trailers. If you only want to make work to put on a showreel then we won’t connect.

I know this whole thing might come across as arrogant or pretentious, it is not meant to be, I am simply creating a picture so that who applies and desires to work with me is under no illusions as to what is to take place.


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