A Half Day Shoot for a single set-up corporate interview (one subject). Location will be in Perth CBD.

Call time will be approximately 9am allowing for 1.5 hour set up time and briefing. The interview should be a maximum of 1 hr. It will be documentary style with 2 camera’s rolling (reference video’s can be provided prior to the shoot as there will be a number of similar interstate interviews conducted concurrently).

The Director/ Interviewer will be flying over from Sydney. It will just be a 2 Person operation on the day.

Required Gear:
— 2 x DSLR’s (5D Mk III or similar)
— Lights
— Quality Mic/ Lapel Mic/ Zoom Recorder/ Boom Stand etc. (preferred to plug in and record straight to Camera)

Previous experience with similar jobs is required. At the end of the shoot files will need to be wrangled and handover on a drive.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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