Title: Photographer Needed for a Creative & Unique Fashion & Style Project

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“London is not my competition, New York is not my threat; I am” Quote Blessing M (ME)

I am into Fashion, Style and Creative Arts. I am based in Birmingham and I am an instagrammer with Over 20 000 followers worldwide. I influence Fashion, Style, Home decorations and also I am into man Fitness and sexiness. I am very versatile and open minded, and I am always looking for greatness.
I am up to date with Trendy Man Fashion and Style and I am looking to work with a photographer who has the Energy to get that shot, “Capturing moments”…I am not travelling to London and Its not all about London, I believe there is also greatness (Good photographers) in Birmingham just like there is beautiful, interesting and fascinating places as well.
I AM LOOKING FOR A PHOTOGRAPHER WHO IS WILLING TO COLLABORATE WITH ME IN CREATING SOMETHING BETTER OR NEW, THE MOTTO IS, “If something has been done then WE are going to do it better and if it hasn’t been done then WE can be the Genesis” that the Spirit!
“There is so much we can do with the camera; you just need to go and look into that lenses as I fashion poses and all, and you will get it”
Show your talent through me as I show my style! Let’s be creative together and help each other.
I have people like Lavishalice who are followed by over 60 000 people and their Instagram pages are awesome. I am looking to get my Instagram page as much better than. I have a trading name Kings-Will-dream-UK and I just need some photographer to work with me.
THIS IS NOT PAID WORK.. Photographer can watermark the bottom of the pic with a tiny name for reference or if you have an Instagram page I can (@ YOU) and also you can use the pictures for your own portfolio as long as I have them all as PNG great files for myself.
You don’t need to be an amazing photographer; if you are then that’s good but you could be anyone, and what I’m looking for is people with the Energy that burns from within, and not people who are looking for money and creating portfolio and getting people’s money in the name of a modelling portfolio.…
Money will follow us but first things first… why are you a photographer and what’s different about you?? Let’s search that greatness and bright it out together. Lets have FUN..APLLY!!
If you are a stylist I could wear your style/clothes as well. Photos are to be taken indoor or outdoor places like city centre Birmingham/Solihull/Wallsal and around. It’s not all about you, its not all about me but it’s about us and what we can do different or better.
Examples of working fields:
• Street fashion photography
• Wall Fashion photography
• If we are allowed we can even have Prison shoots lol
• Coffee shops, parks, Crossroads, Zebra Crossing And More
Your Camera has to be something like a Canon 70D and good lenses not basic lenses.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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