Title: Photographer Needed For Fashion Blogger

Greetings all! Overseas fashion design student searching for a photographer to shoot for my start up fashion related blog. Preferably, this would be an ongoing collaboration, lasting until the end of June. I am aiming to have a shoot once a week, typically on weekends. Willing to travel an hour or so would be a bonus, but not every shoot has to be an all day affair. As long as the photos have a kick ass backdrop it should do 🙂 My schedule is fairly flexible as well.

Obviously, your name and link to photography site etc. would be credited in each photograph. As of right now, I have my photos up on Instagram and Facebook. So excited to collaborate with fellow creatives and make some interesting content!

Also…I would like to try experimenting with film. Perhaps it would be a bonus to find someone with both a DSLR and a film camera.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Friendly, flexible, knowledgable, open-minded, creative

Anyone from Victoria, Australia

  • Photography experience:
    Amateur photographer – Photography student
  • Type of camera equipment:
    35mm SLR/DSLR

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