I am a new male casual/part time model, 40 years old and needing a photographer to take some photos and advice on style etc to make photos excellent for my profile. Prefer for you to have experience in this. This will take around an hour, max 2 weather permitting. I will want to load them onto internet. But other wise you are free to you them to show own work.

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Photographer/ style adviser

As i prefer for you to have experience please be in age range 35 – 55. Need to be in possession of professional camera.

Need to advice on style of clothing for excellent photos that will need to be taken. Will be out side if weather ok?
You will be able to use photos for your own profile etc

Anyone from Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

  • Photography experience:
    Part-time professional (paid work) – Full-time professional (paid work)
  • Photography website:

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