Photographers wanted for testing a web platform that is designed to host photos and offer print services to your clients.

The basic operation of the website is as follows:

You sign in as photographer. Upload your work into galleries. You can password protect galleries. Your clients sign in as buyers. They can favourite individual photos, and then from their list of favourites they can place an order. They choose photographic print products and make payment online through the website. The website is partnered with a top quality print lab that prints the order and ships to your client.

The benefit to you is that your clients can place their own orders without using your time. Instead of shooting one weekend, then liaising with clients to generate print orders the next, have them use the website to place orders and go out and shoot another job instead.

You can set gallery pricing and at the end of each month we send you a cheque for the proceeds of your sales, after fees. The site accommodates photographers who are registered for GST, and those who are not, including invoicing your buyers in your name and reporting sales and GST to you.

I am currently looking for five photographers to trial the production website. In exchange you will receive the Pro level user account for a minimum 12 months that you can use as described above. I am looking to get feedback on usability, feature requests, usefulness and the like, over time and as you use it. Essentially I want us to dialogue together to identify any bugs or issues and to keep improving the usefulness of the site.

This is an opportunity to obtain access to a Pro-level photographer’s tool and could be a great way to start moving from amatuer into professional photography or, if you are already pro, to expand your service offering to include shoots such as events, ceremonies and presentations – where there are many prospective clients at the one shoot, and where you might otherwise reject the job because of all the hassle of chasing up dozens of tiny orders.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Photographer, for website testing

I am looking for photographers who have clients that will order prints. For example, you may have already been commissioned to shoot an event or similar, where your clients have purchased prints.

Alternatively, you may be amatuer and wanting to move into such a marketplace.

Example events might include school shows, sporting events, awards and presentation ceremonies, birthday parties, music gigs and similar.

Anyone from Australia

  • Minimum Photography experience:
    Amateur photographer

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