Our production is titled “Less Miserable”, and is a musical parody of Les Miserables. We are conducting a series of workshops leading up to a small-scale concert performance, all of which will happen throughout April/May (dates not yet confirmed, and are flexible based on availability of all cast & crew involved).

Pianist is required for workshops, to work alongside the writer/Director (also pianist) throughout workshops. This will require making on-the-spot alterations to the current score. Must have sight-reading ability – a strong knowldge of chords and capacity for improvisation is a huge plus.

The show is a satirical take on Les Miserables, satirising the shows themes and parodying modern theatrical conventions. The soundtrack has been replaced with pre-2000’s popular music. The show is not a farce, and the characters are still very much themselves, and the comedy comes from the manipulated world around them and the seriousness with which they approach the ridiculousness of their new story.

The purpose of this workshop is quality check; to test the material on an audience and submit the show for feedback. We will also be using this as an opportunity to gain interest from local production companies. The workshops & concert will consist of a Cast of 9 and a Crew of 4. There is no commitment required past the workshops & concert. Please include the word “Elephant” in your application to show that you’ve read this far.

Workshop dates will include Sundays in April/May, with a high-degree of flexibility. All material will be provided to the cast/crew prior to the first workshop.


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