I am looking for a Poetry Slam Artist who can do a Voice over for an experimental short movie shot on 16mm film.
The poem should match with the topic and the duration of the short film (3 – 5 min).

Short description:
Inspired by the seven liberal arts, the short film is showing the interaction of shapes and forms in space. The theories teach how to tell the difference of reality and fiction, with demonstrating how to think about something instead of what to think about something. These theories are a magic passport between ancient and modern, and will never go out of date.
Everything on Earth is related. This is because everything, including inanimate objects, has a soul, and that soul is connected to the Soul of the World.
The artistic purpose of the film is, to create every animation in real. Hovered wooden spheres and other shapes, light up with different colours face how thin line between real life and animation is.

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