Adventure / Horror feature film penned by a local screenwriter.

This 90+ minute horror/adventure romp through the wilds of Western Australia features a group of young backpackers being hunted for sport as a rite of initiation for “the elect”. A mixture of “Wolf Creek” and “Hunger Games”, with some “1% Mentality” thrown into the mix, this feature is a set-up for a trilogy with the subtle mythology of the script mixing into a larger intrigue. This flick is unashamedly Australian, while remaining fast paced and bright.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Adventure / Horror feature seeks director for 94 page romp through the WA bush.

Looking for an attachment to help us shop the concept and help in planning, storyboarding, casting and rehearsals.

Anticipate ten months of part-time work, followed by four weeks of primary filming. The majority of this shoot is forest based with some international locations, studio work and city locations.

Western Australia talent *highly* regarded.

CV including Filmography required.

Anyone from Western Australia, Australia

Apply now


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