I am going to make an Action/Drama and comedy Feature Film about a migrant in Australia (comes from my personal experience).
It will be a great success in Festivals and also a hit.

Ali(later he will change his name to Darius because he dos not believe in any religion) is an engineer, through his skills and work experience, he migrates to Australia.
What happens in the new country are a series of Drama/Action and funny experience which all deals with racism/religion/politics/social life etc.

In this stage I am going to shoot the trailer in mid March then in June/July the whole film.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


I am looking for a producer who has produced at least a couple of shorts, feature not essential but if has would be a great advantage. Ideally you are a driven and have the thirst for success. This project all comes from the conflicts we have all around the world and will be a great mark on your CV later. It’s not like all the zombie films that all end up in the bin. In this stage, I am going to shoot the trailer to raise fund so not a paid job but will be when i shoot the Film in June/July.

Anyone from Western Australia, Australia

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