*This movement is being featured in the news around the world as of today!

“Independent Musician from Australia is Championing a Movement on Social Media This Week Against the Exploitation of Artists by “Greedy Record Labels”

Plaito, an aspiring Australian artist, yet to release his debut EP, is publicly forgoing all future music sales with the belief that his music will be “more freely shared across the planet.” But without the usual funding of an established record label for promotional campaigns, Plaito has taken on the financial risk personally. Resorting to “Crowd Publishing” the innovative artist has asked his fans to help the movement by sharing his music video online, and is encouraging fellow musicians and producers to cover or remix his song “Finding My Heart”, and to post their own versions of the track on social media sites along with the hashtag #freethemusic.

If you’d like to be part of the movement as it gains momentum please apply now for more information.

The best remixes will be featured as this movement gains momentum across the world.


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