Title: Production Assistant for Indie Feature (Horror)


We are currently in the early stages of pre-production for an Independent Horror Feature with principle photography penciled in mid April 2017; this date may shift.

This will be an independently funded project with a typical ethos of more with less. We presently have a developed script and have started our casting process.


LIpkinFilms is a small(yet ferociously ambitious) independent Australian group with a defined focus on lean local productions for the distribution into foreign SVoD markets. We have successfully completed two feature films to date, with one attaining distribution in the US and Japan.

The role:

The role will span the whole gambit of the process from the early stages all the way through to post-production. The benefit of the role is experience and involvement in a process end to end and having some fun along the way… (we hope!)

Our ideal(you!):

Given we are essentially a small group with a very different approach to the “process”, we are looking for someone who is not afraid of hardwork, is flexible and most importantly shares a passion for the creation of something. We are not after someone with a huge amount of experience working on major productions, TVCs and corporate gigs; – just someone who is keen to get involved, reliable and most importantly doesn’t take themselves too seriously ;-).


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