Looking for Charismatic Versatile beautiful female dancer
Well proportioned with good physic
Between 5″ 4″ – 5″7″
Company obligations
Return flight to and from the UK
Paid working visa
Accommodation – Own room provided in a 4 bedroom apartment close to venue no travel to work required
A free week stay for family to visit in one of Riads Lotus Boutique Hotels
Weekly spa treatment
Food allowance paid in cash in dirhams
Competitive fee paid in cash in euros!!!
6 nights a week 4 shows a night
All day times are your own – No duties
With teaching opportunities and option to extend
To be available to audition in London, Paris or Marrakech
This is a 6 month contract
Start date is July 15th
Location is Marrakech, Morocco.
This is a Deluxe venue!!!
Please only apply if you desire to work overseas for the dates specified


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