We are looking for Contract Sales staff to work as Sales & Promotion Reps for launch of new products, tastings, etc. in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra now.

The Reps should be fun, outgoing, talkative & professional to engage with the buyer and talk to customers that come to the store to try their “products”. They shall be adequately compensated for their time, potentially looking at 4 to 5 days of work per week, on a city-to-city basis. For example – In Melbourne one can earn approx. $500 / week, working for 4 days on part-time hour basis.

They would be expected to – Meet potential customers, Open new accounts, take pictures / video of promotions and upload to company’s site, travel to different stores, etc. If you feel that you are fit for the role and would like to apply, please contact the undersigned directly with your ABN number, RSA (relevant to that particular state, say Victorian RSA or NSW RSA, or QLD RSA, etc.) and a brief-write up about yourself.

Applications to this position requires:
(1) A brief (1 page) write-up of your education & work experience
(2) ABN Number and RSA (compulsory)
(3) Own vehicle and Smart Phone
(4) Phone number & Email
(5) Should be willing to travel to different locations for tastings / promotions / Sales

*Bonus can be considered for potential candidates when KPA’s (Key Performance Areas) are met. We are looking for Candidates who have time for long-term commitment, for 9 -12 months at the very least.

Looking for Promo Staff in Perth, WA too.

Some key questions to qualify for the role are –
1. Must have an ABN number,
2. Must have RSA,
3. Must have a smart phone and a vehicle or mode of transport,
4. Must be OK with travelling, as the role would involve travelling to different stores or venues for doing promotional work within the city and suburbs.

Females, aged 18 to 35 from Australia

  • Minimum Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out

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