Title: Rapper/Singer Required For Indie Rock/HipHop Band

We are a progressive rock/hiphop band who sound like a mixture of bands,limp bizkit,primus,Ice T who are on the lookout for a rapper singer that can create this vocal impression.
Your own style is important as well as great improv,and too have that slight aggressive but subtle style.
To be able to sing as well will be a great asset as 50% of our songs are this.You need too be a chilled character and be flexible with how we roll, time is the essence and we take time in getting each song right.
Our songs are made up of grunge rock guitar riffs and phat bottom end bass with solid drums,creating a nice flow of music that fills spaces not filled before.
Also to be the frontman is a privilege in itself so we are a humble and respectful band with no ego just live love and enjoy the music.


Think of stylings like Ice T,Limp Bizkit,Ice Cube,Eminem, Snoop,Public Enemy.

Males, aged 30 to 45 from Queensland, Australia

  • Rapping ability:
    Intermediate – Expert

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