Title: Rare Colaboration opportunity!! (Hip hop/jazz/electronica/rap)

Hey ya’ll
I’m lizzy!
I’m only new to Starnow but I’m looking for someone…someone with a rare ear for sound.
I’m a singer (many genres), and have been for years but I haven’t stepped into a scene yet as I’m eager to colab with someone with a love for lyrical brilliance, hip hop/ rap, bit of jazz and some electronica chucked in to create a sound only we can create and one that people will grow and explode from.
also, if you love and have any rapping experience that would be amazing!!

I’m ideally looking for someone who has an idea of self, direction, passion and an open mind when it comes to creative inspiration. And also, any and all equipment you may have as I’m no Dj!

If this sounds like you, and you too have been waiting for an opportunity like this, please hit me up!
send me a message on Starnow with a little about yourself, your flow and your number and ill be in touch soon!

Sound wizard!

This is an unpaid role.
Someone who is dedicated and whiling to put in time and effort and of course, someone who is aware of how competitive the music industry is and doesn’t want to be apart of that scene but is eager to create an entire new one with me! with the potential of shows, online promotion etc.. Anything can happen!

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Australia

Apply now


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