I need a real model who has a captivating and enticing look.

This is a shoot designed to bring attention to you. To be sexy and alluring without being obvious.

Minimal makeup and a natural person.

You will charm, you will captivate you will be the star.

No need to be classically trained as long as long as you are patient we’ll get the right images.

Nudity – $35 per hour.

Really Beautiful. Really You

March 2016.
Beautiful natural imagery. Lots of whites and blues creating stunning soft contrasting images.
Pure clean crisp images in Victorian locations.
Looking for a model that is interested in innovation and creating image ideas.
Think walking through a field. Blue skies. White dress. Very minimal.

Females, aged 22 to 62 from Victoria, Australia (nudity may be required)

  • Minimum Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out

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