The track below can be found via my audio page on Star Now. The project is simply to ‘redefine’ this track along the lines of a more electronic perhaps even ambient feel whilst maintaining the rock element. If some talented person out there can work from this raw version and build a track along the lines just outlined I will finish it off by adding the vocals and guitars. This is a speculative project, so I am keen to just see how it goes. Despite the broad project outline I want to encourage full artistic expression on the part of any applicant. Ultimately a canvas has been prepared and its time to get messy!!!
If on hearing the track you feel this is of interest then please get in touch and we’ll go from there.

*schizoid man (FOR REDEFINE PROJECT)
PS. The ‘Lifeline’ mix track on my audio page is good example/starting point for the electro/edgey type sound.

Best wishes


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