Title: Romantic Comedy Casting Call. Winston Salem, NC
Date: 7 April 2017 9:38 pm

Romantic Comedy Casting Call

Casting Call for a Romantic Comedy about a girl with narcolepsy and the guy who falls in love with her.


Looking for eight talented actors/actresses to fill the parts plus a number of extras and bit parts.



Character Descriptions

Jason 18-25- Jason is a young man who has just graduated college and is looking to make a start for himself. He is slightly introverted but very intelligent. He is very nervous around Madison at first but becomes more comfortable with her as time goes on. He becomes heartbroken when Madison breaks up with him but reacts jubilantly when she comes to make amends.

Madison 18-25- Madison is afflicted with narcolepsy. She is very nervous about attending social gatherings for the fear that she may experience a narcoleptic episode. Jason is able to calm these fears simply by treating her very well. But later in the film, feels very burdensome which leads to her calling it off with Jason. Through the help of Melissa and Jessica, she realizes how foolish she is being and ultimately reunites with Jason.

John- 18-25- John is the exact antithesis of Jason. He is what one would call the comic relief character of the film. He is very outgoing and the life of any party. He continuously tries to get Jason to express his true feelings for Madison, often very comically.

Melissa- 18-25- She is Madison’s sister. She is very protective of Madison for obvious reasons. At first, she is very concerned about the way Jason feels for Madison but once she sees how well he treats Madison and how genuine he is, she becomes very comfortable about him. She becomes furious with Madison for leaving Jason and does everything in her power.

Steve 18-25- Steve is Jason’s other roommate. He basically acts as the referee between John and Jason’s quibbles. He also helps Jason realize his feelings for Madison.

Jessica- 18-25- She is a childhood friend to Madison and Melissa and also their roommate. She is also protective of Madison, although not as much as Melissa. She, along with Melissa, is integral in getting Jason and Madison back together.

Jeff18-25- He is Madison’s ex-boyfriend and the villainous character of the film. He delights in plaguing Madison every chance he gets. Basically, a rotten character.


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