Title: Runners Required for Weekend of 8th/ 9th October for High End Short

This very ambitious, fifteen minute short film is a modern retelling of the classic fairytale of Hansel and Gretel. In this story the father’s culpability is brought into sharp focus in contrast to the original where he is painted as the hapless victim (even as he colludes in the murder of his own children). Through the guise of a simple, well known fairytale this film seeks to challenge issues of family breakdown, gender stereotyping and grooming.

Made by a multi-award winning young director, the production values on this film are going to be of a very high standard and is being shot in 4K. The main location is a custom built full sized cottage in the woods and looks amazing.

We have already shot six days of this film and are mostly fully crewed. For the weekend of the 8th/ 9th October though we are looking for a couple more runners to be involved. The location for the shoot is in Bury and would be a good opportunity for someone looking to get more experience on a big set and make contacts. Manchester based would be a big advantage.

Although this role isn’t paid, reasonable expenses will be covered, you’ll be well fed and there is always a great atmosphere on set and so you should have fun.

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