Title: RUSH!! 2 different 2 Day Bookings! VERY SPECIFIC TYPES Beech Island, SC, Warrenton GA
Date: 2017-12-13 01:08:26


2 different 2 Day Bookings! VERY SPECIFIC TYPES Rugged “Marlboro Man types”

see below for more details and LOCATIONS info (2 different ones) PAID all NON-Speaking Roles READ to the end for SPECIFIC submission instructions.

*The “LOOK” is blue collar, cowboy, hunter, ranch hand worker, dirty, boots, jeans. Must be able to provide own wardrobe the more authentic the better!

Pay: Min. $150 ($75 Per Scene / Per Day) 6 total scenes will be filmed each day. Not everyone is in every scene


Call times may start as early as 7am and will be spread out based on scenes and you will be wrapped after your “scene/s”
No filming after sunset
Day 1 is still photos
Day 2 is video short shoot
Dec 14th & 15th HUNTING
Location: Beech Island SC area
Talent needs to be actual Turkey and Duck hunters so they can bring their own gear (i.e Decoys, Bow/ Rifle, Camo Netting, climbing stand if ya have one)
ROLE: 1 Male (40’s) Must be physically fit and own duck or Turkey hunting attire and gear


Dec 19th & 20th –
Talent MUST be comfortable with farm equipment (Chainsaw, Log Splitter, etc)
ROLE: 1 Male (20’s) Must be fit and able to look natural holding a chainsaw and working log splitter
Location: Approx 15 miles south of Warrenton GA.
Please Map out before submitting


Send Photos ( Shoulders up and full body)
to: mamabearcasting@gmail.com
SUBJECT LINE should read- Role and Date’s available (i.e. Male 20’s Dec 19 & 20)
BODY of EMAIL: answer the following
3)Location City(where do you live)
4)Height/ weight
5)Do you have proper attire (and or gear) for role you are submitting for?
6) are you 100% you can self report to filming location for Both days if booked **Don’t forget to attach photos to email Very important that your photos are clear, no sunglasses. We must be able to see what you look like and your body frame. It’s hard to book people if we can’t see your face and full body.


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