Title: ScienceTellers is casting for Summer 2018 Atlanta, GA
Date: 2017-12-18 15:35:55

ScienceTellers is casting for Summer 2018

Location: Atlanta, GA (and surrounding metro areas)

Pay: $3,000.00 plus mileage and tolls

Dates: Mid May through Mid August (approx.)

Description: Since 2004, ScienceTellers has been performing interactive and exciting science/storytelling programs for children K-5 and their families. There is no need to be a scientist — we will teach you everything you need to know!

This is our first summer in Georgia and we are looking for a high-energy, positive, and talented performer to help establish ScienceTellers in this new region. You will be performing up to 40 shows throughout the summer at a rate of $75/show. (We will pay you for 40 even if we book you for fewer.) You must own a reliable, trustworthy car and be willing to drive up to two hours. We reimburse your mileage, tolls and parking! For more information, visit: www.sciencetellers.com

To Audition: You must fill out the form at www.sciencetellers.com/jobs. Qualified submissions will receive instructions to audition.


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